Searching for a house or business premises to rent? We offer an extensive range of properties for private or business use. With our expertise and experience we ensure you to find the right match between your wishes and our offer.

As a potential tenant, you are looking for a new home: a home to have a nice place to stay or run your business from. One of our missions that we want to accomplish for you is to create a new home. Market expertise, but also insight into caracter and discernment are required to provide this new home for you. Because our agents possess these skills, we will successfully take care of this mission. Whether you would like to rent for a short-term or indefinite lease, rent from a room to penthouse, office to company home, a succesfull mediation is guaranteed.

Register directly so we can arrange an appointment to view our offer of rooms, houses, apartments and other properties. You can also check out all of our offers online.

Free Registration

Once you have decided to make use of our services, we ask you to register first. Simply fill out our registration form with your requirements, and we will find you a property that suits your needs. After receiving your registration we will contact you within 24 hours. The registration gives you the right to view properties that we offer. We will assist you personally and professionally.

Terms and conditions for a potential tenant

If you would like to rent a house or business premises you have to agree with our terms and conditions and we need you to aquire us some documents first.

We need the following documents:

  • Registration form (filled in completely)
  • Valid identity (we will make a copy)
  • Copy salary slip
  • Copy employment contract
  • Excerpt Chamber of Commerce and financial report*
  • Declaration of intent within 12 hours if you have decided to rent a property

*Only applies to independent entrepreneurs | companies.

Terms of payment after declaration of intent*:

  • Security deposit of one month rent
  • Rent for the first rental period (one month)
  • Possible rental costs for lessor of € 175,- (includes 21% VAT)

*Rental costs needs to be paid to the broker before or during the signing of the rental agreement. Rental costs our costs the broker will collect for the Lessor. More info about rental costs, check 'Rental costs'.
*The security deposit and rental amount must be paid before the check-in date of the property.
*Security deposit will be returned by the lessor or landlord after the rental period ends. (According to the rental agreement).

Rental Costs

Rental costs are costs a Lessor has to make for services he has to provide to put his property back for rent. Also to pay a broker for the viewings and a rental contract. More info about Rental costs please check the website of the Government: Rijksoverheid.